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Introducing PhFacebook, a Cocoa framework to Facebook’s API

August 29th, 2010 12 comments

For the upcoming version of iChibi, I needed a MacOSX interface to Facebook’s API.

There are several iOS libraries (FB Connect, ShareKit…) but I found only one that was MacOSX-specific: MBAbeFook, which implements the (deprecated) Facebook REST API.

This was a problem because:

  • I need extended permissions, and it’s a song-and-dance to get those using the REST API
  • The authentication UI from REST may present checkboxes to the user for extended permissions.
    Users don’t check boxes. They click “I agree”…
  • The REST API is deprecated.

So I wrote my own. PhFacebook is an embeddable MacOSX framework to easily access Facebook’s API.

  • Uses Facebook’s new ‘graph’ API internally, handles OAuth in a WebView for you and returns JSON strings.
  • Comes with a sample application to show you how to use it.
  • Supports extended permissions.
  • Localized in English and French.

Find it on github. MIT-licensed.

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