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Camping Agreement

January 31st, 2022

Entire Agreement. This Agreement (including its recitals, the summary of the basic terms and the annexes annexed and contained herein) constitutes the entire agreement between the parties, and no prior oral statement or written statement or document not expressly contained herein shall have force or effect (and the prior agreement as defined in recital C shall have no force or effect of any kind). This Agreement may only be modified by a written agreement signed by all parties. The user is allowed to visit the campsite during the open camping season (usually from 1 April to 1 April). November) only for temporary or regular use of the recreational campsite and strictly in accordance with all laws and this Agreement, including rules and regulations (“Permitted Use”), and for no other use without the express written consent of the Owner, which may be granted or refused at the sole discretion of the Owner. Authorized use includes permission to keep the User`s motorhome or motorhome (“Motorhome”) at the Campsite and to connect it to all public services available for use on this Campsite, even during periods when the User is not present at the Campsite and actively uses the Campsite and the property. However, the permitted use is temporary and periodic, and the user must maintain a separate permanent residence outside the campsite. The authorized use also includes the authorization to temporarily park on the Campsite a personal car, a golf cart or another motor vehicle, as well as a trailer, a boat or another boat (collectively, the “Vehicles”) and to place and keep on the Campsite certain personal belongings and equipment as well as temporary structures that the User intends to use in connection with the Occupation of the Campsite by the User. (together, with the User`s motorhome and vehicles, “USER`s PP&E”), however, the User may not erect permanent structures on the Campsite or install structures or personal property on the Campsite.

As specified in Section 6 below, the User must remove all of the User`s PP&E (including the User`s motorhome, vehicles and all temporary structures) from the Campsite if he/she leaves the Campsite after the expiry or premature termination of this Agreement (or if the Owner revokes the User`s permission to occupy and use the Campsite and the Property), excluding gravel, rocks, soil or other natural ground covers or landscaping materials. The user must comply with all municipal, county, state and federal laws and regulations regarding the use of the campground and property, as well as the rules and regulations in force at that time. The Owner reserves the right to change the rules and regulations at any time by informing the User of such a change or by posting such a change in the Accommodation. The user may not do or permit anything on or around the campsite or property that in any way hinders or infringes the rights of other users or residents of the property or risks their violation or allows their use of the campsite or property for immoral or illegal purposes. the user may also not cause, maintain or permit nuisances on, on or around the campsite or property, disturb the peaceful enjoyment of other users of the property or commit or permit waste. The user may under no circumstances use or occupy the campsite, nor commit or refrain from any action that would result in the cancellation or reduction of insurance or an increase in the premiums of an insurance policy that covers the campsite or property. The user must meet all the requirements of an insurer regarding the use of the campsite and the property, as well as all other requirements reasonably necessary to maintain an economic and appropriate fire, civil liability and other insurance at the expense of the owner. The User understands and agrees that: (i) the User is responsible for all actions of the User`s visitors, guests and guests, (ii) is expected of any person who violates this Agreement (including rules and regulations) and is immediately expelled, and (iii) the Owner reserves the right to terminate this Agreement and the User`s permission to use the Campsite and property in the event of immediately Revoking any violation of this Agreement. Contract (including B. rules and regulations) by the user or any of the user`s visitors, guests or guests. The User must not use, store, generate or dispose of hazardous substances on or on the Campsite or property by the User or any of the Visitors, Guests or Visitors invited, invited or invited by the User. However, the User may bring to the Campsite limited quantities of fuels used for camping and leisure in connection with the use of the campsite and property (and leisure facilities in the area), such as limited quantities of propane or other camping fuels, as well as petrol or other fuels for boats/motor vehicles, all of which must be stored sealed by the User.

safe and environmentally friendly (non-expiring) containers limited to a total of five (5) gallons and otherwise stored and handled by the user in accordance with all laws and regulations and rules and regulations….

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