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Apprentice Completion Agreement Form

January 26th, 2022

This form is used to ask the Ministry to terminate the contract for the training of an apprenticeship or internship if both parties mutually agree. This optional template, when completed and signed, can be used by the parties as proof of their negotiated and agreed schedule for the schooling, work and training of an apprentice or school trainee. The Employer Resource Assessment (ISA) is completed and maintained by the supervising registered training organization to verify that a trainee`s or trainee`s employer is able to provide or has provided the facilities, work mix, supervision and training required as part of the training plan. I am requesting the permanent transfer of my training contract from my current employer to a new employer and both employers agree that the transition will take place. This form is used to apply to the Ministry for an extension of the probationary period of an apprenticeship or training period. The application must be submitted at least 14 days before the end of the initial probationary period. A | B | C-| D | E | Q| G | H | I | J| K | L | Mr. | N | O | P | Q| A| S | T | U | V | W | X | Y| Z | Travel and Accommodation Forms This form is used by employers to notify the ministry of a change in legal name, legal name and NBA or change of trust and/or fiduciary name. This form is used by employers to notify the ministry where an apprentice or trainee`s employment has ended. Visit the ERA page to find the appropriate ERA template for the training or internship industry, as well as more information on era guidelines. This form is used to extend the nominal duration (end date) of the training contract for the department and thus extend the teaching or internship position. This form can be used instead of ATF-011 for the completion of electrical engineering. This combined form has two purposes: A registered training organization that supervises and reasonably believes that an apprentice or trainee has completed their apprenticeship or internship, but is unable to obtain the consent or signature of the party, may use this form to request that the ministry investigate the matter.

This form is used to notify the ministry of a minor change in the training contact, e.B.: If YES, use the ATF-039 application for permanent transfer by all parties and the proposed form for a new employer (PDF, 195Kb) or (DOCX, 126KB) – Version 8, November 2019 Note: Not all forms can be submitted on myApprentship – check your form for more details. Discover a faster way to fill out and sign forms on the web. Access the most comprehensive template library available. Information on the training contract to be signed by the employer and the trainee or trainee at the beginning of an apprenticeship or traineeship. Please answer the following question based on your current situation to make sure you get the right form. This form is used by the employer to request the ministry to temporarily suspend the training contract for a maximum of 30 days. Use out-of-the-box professional templates to fill out and sign documents online faster. Access thousands of forms.

This form is used by an apprentice or trainee, employer or OLRS to request that the ministry change the way the training plan is provided. NOTE: This form is NOT required if both parties have agreed to terminate the training contract and have signed an ATF-034 to cancel a registered training contract form. New version: Trainees and trainees whose training contracts have been terminated due to the effects of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic are now available for training assistance. Published on 05/01/2020. This form must be used by employers registered as a prohibited employer under the Continuing Education Act, 2014 to apply to the ministry for revocation of this decision. This form will only be used by apprentices and trainees to request the Air Transport Service to participate in off-the-job training with their supervising Registered Training Organisation (RTOS) if they: This form is used by the SUPERVISING TRAINING ORGANISATION ONLY to inform the service of a transfer of qualification for one or more trainees and/or trainees, due to an update of the national training program. .

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