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Alabama Department of Revenue Installment Agreement

January 25th, 2022

If you have a problem resolving a problem with al-DOR, contact Taxpayer Advocacy at (334) 242-1055. Al-DOR has long had the same clear discourse about your tax obligation flyers (part 1 and part 2) on its website. Unfortunately, they don`t really give you much specific information about what to do when you pay back taxes. Our team of experienced audit representatives, which includes lawyers, CPAs and registered agents, provides tax audit assistance for thousands of cases each month. If you`ve received a letter similar to this – or a notice from a state tax agency or irS – we can help! Author: Dwight W. Pridgen, Collection Services Division Statutory Authority: Ala Code. 1975, §§ 40-2A-7(a)(5), 40-2A-4(b)(6) b.3. This sample tax audit notice in Alabama was sent to one of our members in Athens, Alabama (AL). In this letter, additional information is requested based on a review of our members` 1040 tax return. Personal data has been blacked out to protect the privacy of our members. Notification may be made in one of the following ways: In the event of default, the Department may recover the balance due in a manner permitted by law. This website provides more basic information and includes a link to their information statement on the collection and application form for consultative agreements. Mitigating punishment with AL-DOR is a mystery or perhaps it simply doesn`t exist.

It appears that an application for remission of the penalty is only considered before the tax notice is final. Once the tax liability is received by the Collection Services Division, it is unlikely to be removed. The rules of instalment payment for the refund of taxes over time indicate that in the end, 12 months are given with a lump sum payment. It also states that the instalment payment agreement can be extended for an additional 12 months at the discretion of the Ministry of Finance. .

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